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A detective tries to get back a child who has been kidnapped by gangsters.
John &quot;Turky&quot; Turquoise III (Goss) is the titular Hollywood cop, and you better believe that a. He&#39;s on the edge and b. he plays by his own rules. When Rebecca (Julie Schoenhofer), a woman from a rural area of California, finds out her son Stevie (Brandon Angle) has been kidnapped by gangsters because her former husband Joe Fresno has made off with six million dollars and the baddies want to exchange the kid for the loot, she comes to &quot;the big city&quot;, Hollywood, California, to right the situation. She quickly runs into Turky (why wouldn&#39;t he be named &quot;Turky&quot;?) and he agrees to help her. Teaming up with his partner Jaguar (Kilpatrick), the duo not only have to face angry chief Bonano (Mitchell) and the questionable fellow cop Lt. Maxwell (Donahue), but they also must do battle with crime lord Feliciano (Mitchum) and his army of goons. Will Turky save the boy and woo his comely mother…all in time for Thanksgiving? Find out today! God bless Amir Shervan. We should all pause just one minute in our busy lives to honor this great man. He&#39;s an unheralded cinematic genius that has enriched all our lives with awesome entertainment. Both this and Samurai Cop are must-see, one-of-a-kind films. There are many similarities plotwise between his two &quot;Cop&quot; movies…so many that it would be pointless to run them all down, but Samurai Cop (1989) is kind of a remake/re-imagining of Hollywood Cop, and we should all be glad Shervan took this route. If he felt this formula had some more juice, we applaud him for trying it again. We&#39;re just happy he continued/was allowed to make more movies after Hollywood Cop.<br/><br/>Shervan assembled a killer cast this time around to help execute his singular filmmaking vision. David Goss, who has a criminally small filmography, but also appeared in Armed Response (1986), plays the main hero we all want on our side. If only his Samurai Cop counterpart Matt Hannon would team up with Goss in a movie, we&#39;d all be the better for it. Hopefully they&#39;re not rivals. Fan favorite Cam Mitchell appears as the forever-disgruntled police Captain. He puts in an appropriately irritated performance. Remember, he has no patience for Turky&#39;s rogue ways. Troy Donahue is on board as well and it&#39;s nice to see him, and Aldo Ray has one scene as a man inexplicably named &quot;Fong&quot;. He doesn&#39;t seem to be channeling Leo J. James Mitchum plays the gang boss role, and he does a good job, but the kid, Brandon Angle, who plays Stevie, practically steals the movie. He&#39;s a talented child actor that sadly didn&#39;t seem to pursue a career in acting after this. Maybe he figured he couldn&#39;t possibly top Hollywood Cop. He reached the pinnacle of his profession as a tot.<br/><br/>Special mention should also go to Lincoln Kilpatrick as Jaguar, a man with a long and distinguished career that goes back to the 50&#39;s. When he wasn&#39;t starring opposite Charlton Heston in The Omega Man (1971) and Soylent Green (1973), he was playing some of the best BYC&#39;s on film in such classics as the Gary Busey Bulletproof (1988) and the Wings vehicle Deadly Force (1983). The plot of Hollywood Cop basically stops at one point so he can hot-oil wrestle with some bikini&#39;d babes. His name should be more well known.<br/><br/>It&#39;s slightly more coherent than Samurai Cop, but Hollywood Cop truly has it all from an entertainment perspective: the B-list stars you know and love, a killer score (by Elton Ahi), tons of laugh-out-loud moments, sleaze, violence, and top-flight ridiculousness. It&#39;s all pretty inexplicable. The main song, &quot;Restless&quot; by Andy Madadian, is a catchy winner that puts the icing on an already heavily-frosted cake.<br/><br/>When you pop the Celebrity Video VHS in your VCR, there Goss the neighborhood. Don&#39;t be a turkey and check out the awesomeness of Turky tonight!<br/><br/>For more action insanity, please visit: comeuppancereviews.com
Amir Shervan has made two instant 80s trash classic - SAMURAI COP and this one. There is so much funny stuff in here. Like when Hollywood COP Turk confronts a husband holding a rapist hostage and says, &quot;Look, I know the guy just f**ked your wife…&quot; In addition, there are some scary looking stunts like when a guy falls off a roof onto a bail of hay and when another guy falls out of a car and almost gets run over by the tire. There is also one of the funniest dialog scenes ever when the father goes to rescue his son. He son, who is being held hostage, doesn&#39;t want to leave because dad didn&#39;t show up for Christmas. The father deftly explains that he left the kid and his mom all away by saying he had blood poisoning and is dying (in the scene previous to this he was caught cavorting with topless hussies). Classic!

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